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+++ air-flexx® valve extensions with steel jacket +++ 100% pressurefree and unbreakable +++ Take no risks: Replace valve extensions now! +++ Monitor air pressure and reduce fuel consumption ! +++ Now available through REMA TIP TOP and MYERS Tire Supply +++ Avoid vehicle downtime !+++ Reduce cost ! +++ Check air pressure - avoid tyre failure ! +++ Avoid accidents ! +++
Reifenverlängerungen / Valve extensions

Highly flexible valve extensions "Made in Germany" | Air-Flexx®

air-flexx® high flexible valve extensions – Made in Germany

Flexible valve extensions

Valve Extensions entirely pressure free, high flexible, more security, less costs

Any kind of air-flexx valve extensions bring you nothing but advantages for you and your company.
You can reduce the fuel consumption, have less repairs, reduce tire wear and accidents and they
even help to reduce major costs. The complex stainless steel jacket make them unbreakable and
extremely durable.

air-flexx® high flexible valve extensions – Fitment without additional holder / clamp / stabilizer

Cross section valve extension

Valve extensions are extensions which are always accessible. - The air pressure checks can always be
performed without removing hubcaps. They even load on all tires. Due to its outstanding top notch
technology for the toughest environment (the combination of stainless steel and high quality materials) is
it a lot more resistant compared to any other rubber valve extensions, braided
valve extensions or plastic valve extensions. air-flexx® valve extensions are built in several layers: inner
pin with a stainless steel core, inner airtube, stainless steel jacket and a protective cover.

air-flexx® high flexible valve extensions - For almost any kind of valves or types of vehicles

Highly flexible valve extension

Air-flexx valve extensions are being used with any kind of vehicles such as: trucks, busses, lorries,
mobile homes, vans etc. Please take a look on our website to check which type of air-flexx will be the
appropriate length for your individual need. You can use any air-flexx size in conjunction with our
metal angel (45°, 90°, 135° or 180°) as also our VG12 adapter for OTR vehicles.

air-flexx® high flexible valve extensions - Very Best Quality – Made in Germany

Valve extension different length from 75mm - 1000mm

We manufacture exclusively in Germany, using only the highest quality materials. With our controlled
production process we guarantee excellent workmanship and the highest product quality.Refer to our
website to find your local distributor.

airflexx® valve extensions
Top technology for the most extreme requirements
entirely pressurefree & unbreakable



air-flexx with steel jacket! Take no risk! Replace it now!