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Reifenverlängerungen / Valve extensions


air-flexx valve extensions - top notch technology for the toughest environments

Absolutely pressureless and unbreakable

Structure and Cross-section

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air-flexx® valve extensions are built in several layers. From the inside to the outside they consist of:
  • distant control using a stainless steel metal core
  • air tube
  • stainless steel jacket
  • protective cover
Cross-section air-flexx valve extension

Thanks to the highest quality materials used, air-flexx® valve extensions are on the one hand "flexible", making them unbreakable and extremely durable and on the other hand air-flexx® valve extensions are rigid and firm enough so they can be used without wheel rim holders (refer to the information video). air-flexx® valve extensions fully ensure that the inner dual tyres' air pressure can be easily checked at any time.

air-flexx® valve extensions are available:
  • for inner dual tyres
  • for front wheels and single wheels with hub caps
  • for spare wheels
Further information is available under vehicle application.