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Reifenverlängerungen / Valve extensions

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The technology of Air-Flexx valve extensions

High demands on execution and material
  • Multi-layered structure sheathed in stainless steel
  • Remote control of the valve by means of integrated valve rod
  • Extensions sits without pressure on the valve
Viersen, in June 2012.
From an engineering point of view, a valve extension is an auxiliary construction which facilitates access to the tyre when the tyre pressure is being checked. The extension itself is a comparatively simple component, basically consisting of an air pipe of appropriate length with a  thread for screwing onto the valve at one end and a mounting element for the testing device on the other.

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Safety inspections for commercial vehicles

Inspection experts target valve extensions
  • New regulations governing safety inspections apply from 1 July 2012
  • Inspection experts on the lookout for safety-critical wear
  • No inspection mark for damaged valve extensions
Viersen, June 2012.
On 1 July 2012 an amendment of the Directive on the carrying out of safety inspections in accordance with Section 29 and Appendix VIII of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) came into force. In the future, inspection experts will pay special attention to safety-critical wear on lorries, tractor units, trailers and buses. Valve extensions, which are used on twin wheels or single wheels with hub caps, will be a separate item for inspection.

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Tyre management in the vehicle fleet

Valve extensions contribute to vehicle safety
  • ADAC Truck Service: Damaged tyres are the number one cause of breakdowns
  • DEKRA: Inadequate tyre pressure is one of the most  common maintenance deficiencies
  • Intact valve extensions are a question of vehicle safety
Viersen, June 2012.
Tyre management in the vehicle fleet is not rocket science. Correct air pressure in the tyres alone is good insurance for maximising the lifecycle of your tyres. Reduced air pressure on the other hand  can be very expensive. The cost of spare tyres, service and loss of time can quickly mount up to between 500 and 1000 euros. Anyone who doesn’t have their tyres checked is therefore throwing money down the drain. Haulage firms and transport companies seem to have plenty to spare.

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Massmann from Jülich relies on Air-Flexx valve extensions

Less expenditure on tyre management, less wear
  • Systematic air pressure checks are obligatory in the company
  • Conventional valve extensions are prone to technical defects in day-to-day life on the site
  • Fewer tyre failures and reduced operating costs as a result of Air-Flexx
Viersen, in June 2012.
The family firm Massmann operates in the construction business with around 30 complete truck units and with building material transporters. The fleet includes  silo vehicles, concrete mixers and dump trucks. Heavy goods such as  bulk materials, cement and concrete are transported, and meeting deadlines on site and in the quarry is no bed of roses, especially for the tyres.

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“Safety is our job”

Air-Flexx valve extensions are designed for maximum strength
  • Tyres with not enough air pressure are a safety risk
  • Valve extensions must withstand high stresses on a daily basis
  • Air-Flexx valve extensions improve vehicle safety
Viersen, in June 2012.
Tobias Glauch, Managing Director of Glauch Produkt GmbH, on the additional safety for lorries provided by the use of valve extensions.

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