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Reifenverlängerungen / Valve extensions


air-flexx® valve extensions

air-flexx Ventilverlängerung

air-flexx®: Multiple-layer construction for a long service life

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Due to their multiple-layer construction, air-flexx®valve extensions have many advantages over conventional valve extensions: they are flexible but still rigid enough so they can be used without a holder / clamp / stabiliser (exception: air-flexx® 315 mm, 415 mm and 1000 mm). The material withstands extreme forces and does not become brittle. The extension lasts for the life of the tyre – and far beyond. air-flexx® valve extensions allow you to check tyre air pressure comfortably at any time (information video).

The benefits – an overview

  • pressureless
  • unbreakable
  • flexible
  • don’t require additional clamps/ holders on the rim (up to an air-flexx® length of 215 mm)
  • considerably reduced risk of flat tyres
  • air pressure check possible at any time without removing hub caps from single wheels
  • lower risk of accidents  
  • less fuel consumtion  
  • less tyre wear
  • less repair downtime
  • improved driving comfort

Outstanding quality "Made in Germany"
air-flexx® valve extensions are made using top technology from Germany. Manufacturing in Germany, only using top quality materials and skilled workmanship, we can guarantee the highest level of quality at very competitive prices.

Read more in the DEKRA expert report on this topic (Valve extensions as a risk for tyres).